Kayacat Package


Includes 20% USt.
Delivery Time: 6 - 8 weeks

Additional costs (e.g. for customs or taxes) may occur when shipping to non-EU countries.

Estimated delivery date: 6-8 weeks

With your Kayacat, you already own a flexible and handy boat, you can take anywhere with you. You are now able to extend and motorize it with SCUBAJET. Our water jet fits into every backpack as well and with the 200 wh battery you can even take it on a plane. You find everything you need for journeys with your Kayacat in our pre-configured SCUBAJET Kayacat Package.



With SCUBAJET the Kayacat gets a velocity boost of up to 12 km/h (7.5 mph). Depending on the speed level you choose, the 200wh battery lasts up to 120 min, the 400 wh battery lasts up to 240 min.


Additional information

Weight N/A

42cm (16,5 inch) length, 8cm (3,4 inch) diameter, 3kg (6,6 lbs) weight

Battery type

200 wh travel battery, 400 wh battery


Kayacat Adapter


200 wh – 3 hours, 400 wh – 6 hours, 1000 charge cycles

Scope of delivery

SCUBAJET, Charger, Kayacat Adapter, Remote Control


1kg negative


1 year

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