Nose LED lamp – 1500 lumen


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Estimated delivery date: 6-8 weeks

It is not only super practical while staying on the water during your canoe-, dinghy- or SUP trip for underwater lighting, its also possible to use the lamp without the engine unit. The lamp alone is also proofed for a depth of 45m. The 1500 lumen led lamp allows you to stay longer on the water, and guarantees safety navigation even after sun has set. This version is the next higher one – its brighter and more useful for diving session.




  • underwater lighting
  • usable without engine unit
  • proofed for a depth of 45m
  • 1500 lumen bright light for diving sessions
  • 1500 Lumen lamp + 200 wh battery: 13h (runtime / engine switched off)


without LAMP

  • Output: 1000 watt
Speedstep: low 120min 100min
Speedstep: typical 60min 50min
Speedstep: power 10min 10min

with LAMP 1500

  • Output: 1000 watt
Speedstep: low 90min 100min
Speedstep: typical 50min 49min
Speedstep: low 10min 10min

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Power Level

Runtime (with 200 Wh battery): 13h